The Park : An Oasis on the Vegas Strip

The Park Vegas 6 560x280Earlier this month, a Park opened in Las Vegas to much fanfare, and we were there for the Grand Opening. What’s the big deal you might ask, it’s just a park. Well that’s the thing, it’s not just a park, it’s The Park, the first one on the Vegas Strip. Think about that for a second. In a town where they’ve traditionally nearly prohibited people from sitting anyplace they couldn’t monetize (either dining, show, or gambling), there is now an actual park complete with ample free seating and even trees for shade. What seems so obvious and normal for development everywhere else in the country, is truly unique on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s such a radical idea for Vegas that it might just work.

The Park Vegas 1 560x280The Park is an MGM property which is located between New York-New York and Monte Carlo. It’s been designed as a social gathering space featuring outdoor dining and beautiful landscaping. We were mostly struck by the extensive seating options and shade, truly unique on the Strip. They didn’t just stop at planting trees and creating massive steel shade structures to keep you cool though, they installed cooling misters and built amazing water features which did the trick too. They even have complimentary WIFI throughout The Park. It’s as if they wanted people to actually spend time there and enjoy themselves, for free! Check it out in this quick video below :

The Park serves as the gateway to the new 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena, and is home to several awesome unique dining options that we detailed in an separate feature. The creators of the space really do want you to gather there, and hang out before and after an event at the Arena. However we think folks who live and work in Las Vegas will find it an especially refreshing place to spend their lunch hour too.

An outdoor oasis inspired by the iconic plazas, promenades and squares that have served as important public gathering destinations within the world’s great cities, The Park has re-envisioned the traditional pedestrian experience by adding a new layer of diverse social spaces in Las Vegas. It will draw passersby from the hustle and bustle of The Strip offering opportunities to experience Las Vegas outdoors and at one’s leisure. The Park offers an array of common spaces for socializing, relaxing, exploring and sampling the surrounding tastes, sights and sounds.

By day, visitors can bask in pockets of sun or enjoy shade beneath mature trees with wide-reaching branches and spectacular, towering shade structures that rise 50 feet from the ground. Patio-style seating encourages a genuine social environment, while seating alcoves tucked into large planters provide areas for respite.

Unique water features, including water walls stretching more than 100 feet in length along the entrance, add unexpected visuals as do dramatic plantings incorporating a variety of beautiful desert blooms. As they explore The Park, guests may discover live entertainment such as acoustic guitarists, dancers, sand artists and more.

The Park Vegas 7 560x280

As the sun sets, illuminated elements of The Park’s landscaping create a dramatic setting. The shade structures, works of art in and of themselves, emit LED sequences from high above, captivating guests below. Bliss Dance, the breathtaking 40-foot-tall sculpture of a dancing woman created by artist Marco Cochrane, stands as the centerpiece of The Park’s inspired design and is illuminated by nearly 3,000 colored LED lights at night.

We enjoyed our time exploring The Park, and we’re convinced it will be an absolute hit for locals and visitors alike. We’re delighted to see the focus on sustainable design, and creating a space that people will enjoy. It shows a refreshing dedication to business responsibility by MGM, going beyond just Profit to consider People and Planet too. We highly suggest you check it out the next time you’re in Las Vegas.