People We’d Like to Punch in the Face

Masters Of None

Sometimes violence is the answer. Sometimes a person can be so brash, so annoying, so incredibly putrid that really what they need to straighten up and fly right is a nice swift punch to the ol’ food crammer. And while I don’t think this website has enough bandwidth to go through the list of people that walk this earth that need such a walloping, we did get a chance to sit down and discuss some of the folks that fight for the spotlight that deserve to be dropped down a peg by way of fisticuffs. I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waiting for ya, right here, Pal!  Below you’ll find pictures of our guilty parties, but take a listen to the show to find out why exactly these d-bags need a punch in the face.

Masters of None is the best kind of Podcast, classified as explicit and therefore NSFW

Masters of None – 4.1 – People We’d Like to Punch in the Face

Scott Boilen – Inventor of The Snuggie

jersey shore ratings

Jersey Shore Cast

061028matt roloff2

Matt Roloff

Jeff Goldblum

grantmore 468x359

Hugh Grant

Spencer Pratt

These two assholes: The Gosselins


Nicolas Cage

Dwayne “Not The Rock” Johnson

Rex Ryan

Bill “This is my smile” Belichick

Joe Buck and Jinx McCarver

taco diet bell1

Taco Bell “Diet” Girl

Michael Cera

Jack Bauer


The Guy Who Green Lights this Shit.

PHO 09Nov27 190150

The People at Best Buy Mobile

Kay Jewelers – (And their stupid commercials btw)

Jon Stewart 300x224

Jon Stewart

billmaher 300x230

Bill Maher

Customers… All of them


The entire cast of Lost

The TMZ Newsroom

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