PERK Vent Wrap Auto Air Fresheners

PERK Vent Wrap 1

This post brought to you by PERK . All opinions are 100% mine.

Let’s be honest, car air fresheners typically don’t last very long, and they look fairly silly. So when the folks at PERK told us they had a solution for both of those problems, we were intrigued and asked them to send us some samples.

PERK Vent Wrap is a completely new kind of vent air freshener. It’s super discreet and your passengers will wonder why your car smells so great! It’s unique, patent-pending design makes it virtually invisible – that’s why we call it “Invisibly Fresh”. Hidden under the soft black protective cover is a revolutionary fragrance technology. No more wondering where the fragrance went after a couple days! No need to fiddle with adjustable dials. Our patent-pending layered StediScent® technology will provide fragrance that is just right!

Check out the video below, for an orientation on the product…

Pictured above are the three samples we were sent, and after a bit of scratching and sniffing, we decided that “Absolute Zero” was the best scent to test in an SUV driving through 18″ of snow. So we busted the package open, and placed two of the little Vent Wraps on our center console vents. Yeah, that was a tad much, and after a few minutes we realized our mistake (which was not reading) and pulled off the second one.

PERK Vent Wrap 2

As you can see, they are indeed discrete, although if your vehicle has a color other than black for your vents, they’ll be much more obvious. Once we cut back to one Vent Wrap, the scent was pleasant and not overwhelming. The Vent Wrap did not hinder any vent functionality or movement, and best of all, we didn’t have something silly handing from our mirror. After about 2 weeks of testing the scent was fading, so we discarded the first one, and opened up a second package. Overall we were happy with the product, and think the choice is obvious if you’re looking for an air freshener for your car.

You can purchase PERK Vent Wraps at Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target, and other retailers that sell automotive air fresheners. For more information Like PERK on Facebook.