Persistant Pom Pons: A Tribute to BCS Cheerleaders

header2After the last of the confetti is swept up after the bowl games, after the pigskin is put away for another year, there is still one group of people tirelessly working to keep up the team spirit all year-long. Those peppy people are the cheerleaders. Not only do they cheer the team on the field but they also have to keep morale up in the off-season by passing out balloons at mall appearances, and smile like they spoon prozac over their Wheaties at every university function. On top of all this, we need to remember that these energetic ladies are still college students. That means they also have to make time to¬†get hammered at a minimum of three keggers per week. The least we can do for the hardest working women in sports is to play cheerleader’s cheerleader and pay tribute to the cheerleaders of the BCS schools.

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