Amazing Real Vehicle Advertisements

Bus 12 e1354136234755 560x258

Advertising is one of those vaguely annoying things that we put up with because there’s no real way to stop it from happening, like a mosquito buzzing in your ear at night or midget parades. But as these pictures show, sometimes advertising can take a turn for the badass when you get just the right mixture of creativity and insanity. (And no, these aren’t Photoshopped)

The Snake Bus

vehicle wraps snake bus 560x334

The Kit Kat Truck

vehicle wraps kitkat truck 560x395

The Peugot Crossover

vehicle wraps peugot crossover 560x420

The Butt Brigade

vehicle wraps butts 560x293

Keep Holland Clean

vehicle wraps trashbus 560x395

The FHM Mini- Now With Cleavage

vehicle wraps FHM Mini

The Lobster Bus

vehicle wraps lobster bus 560x375

The 4X Energy Bus

vehicle wraps x4 energy 560x368

The Battery Operated Bus

vehicle wraps energizer 560x328

Optical Illusion Bus

vehicle wraps flexible bus 560x373

The Flexible Dr. Best Bus

vehicle wrap Dr. Best

The Epson Car of Badassery

vehicle wraps epson car 560x473