Piast Beer

Piast – Głęboki świeże smak

Browary Dolnośląskie Piast

Piast 84x300Info: (From Wikipedia) “In 1945, when Breslau was annexed by Poland, the brewery took on the name Piast Brewery, honoring the Piast dynasty, the legendary first Polish historical Royal dynasty that ruled the country from its beginnings until 1370. The name was not changed till 2005. Right after World War II, the production process was run by Polish brewmasters from brewery of Lwów, who had been ordered to leave their native city and move to the Recovered Territories. In 1951, Piast Brewery produced 350 000 hectolitres of beer and 9 000 tons of malt annually”

I’m not privy to Polish beer as a rule, but I have to admit, before I even venture a sip, it has a bit of a gone-off aroma. Skunky, if you will. My natural instincts tell me that this has to be a bad beer, but according to a quick call to the store from which it was purchased, they get fresh deliveries of all of their beer from this particular distributor bi-weekly. That’s pretty rapid turn around. Okay, I’ll stipulate for the sake of the job. But I have to say, I’m not really impressed yet. The pour offers no head to speak of, and its hue is a typical pilsner style: light, golden, standard (if I do say so). But it’s really the smell, not so much skunky now but certainly not great, that’s holding me back.

Surprise, I was wrong. Hey, I can freely admit when I jumped the gun. My premature assessment was rushed and boy am I glad. It’s crisp, clean, a slight bit hoppy with nary a trace of bitterness. It has a nice sweet mouth feel, but even so, it doesn’t really offer up anything spectacular either. But, I’ll say that this doesn’t make it bad, just, possibly, an un-changed recipe. I’m okay with that. There’s nothing especially mysterious about the flavor, though a light and almost fleeting fruitiness is there, but it could be easily chalked up to the hops. It is such an interesting, though impossibly dull beer for something that had the onset of being foul. I’m not one to turn to a pilsner, regardless of which beer choices are at my disposal, which makes me, unfortunately, none too fond of this selection. Basically: it’s not that it’s bad by any means, just not my favorite. Still, being the style that it is, you could pair it with a sandwich and chips during a game and you’d have a pretty decent marriage.

Rating: * * * 1/2
Not as bad as the initial smell would have you believe, but certainly not as exciting as I’d have liked.