Pick Your Favorite Photo in Jack Daniel’s Summer Swarm

Jack Daniels Summer Swarm 560x316

This post brought to you by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

All opinions are 100% mine.

A month ago we told you about the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Summer Swarm Photo Contest, and shared with you our entry in the competition. Summer Swarm is an effort to find the best summer moments captured in snapshots, the type of photos that make your friends wish they were having as much fun as you. Jack Daniel’s is awarding a series of prizes, including the amazing grand prize, a $5000 travel voucher to plan exactly where, when, and how you want to travel. There are just ten days left to enter, so now seems like a great time to check out the other entries and select our favorites.

Grill Shot 560x205This entry just made us really jealous of the spread this woman was able to fit onto her grill. The variety of proteins and veggies looks so damn yummy, we wish we were there to help taste it all.

Plane Jump 560x203We’d like to think we were brave enough to jump out of a plane, but thinking it and doing it are two different things. This is what life is about, just going for it, with nothing to lose. The payoff is that adrenaline rush and amazing view. This guy is having an amazing summer.

Military Jack Daniels 560x246I don’t know how you could make this image any better. You have our brave men and women of the Military, and they’re surrounded by the ladies of Jack Daniels, who each appear to have a drink in hand. So much win here.

Those are our favorites from the submitted photos, but unfortunately this is an Internet based contest. So that means a dog dressed as a bee is currently leading the voting, which you might expect. You have the power to change that though! Log in to the Jack Summer Swarm site and vote for your favorites. We’d love to read in the comments below which photos catch your attention for capturing the ultimate summer moment.