In Pictures: The Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Show

madonna header 560x371Did you happen to catch Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance last night? If not, count yourself lucky. It was forgettable, to say the least. Five minutes in I swore I was watching something recorded days ago. Whatever. As we all know, halftime shows have become milquetoast affairs in this post-Nipplegate era. M.I.A did flip the bird briefly, but it’s the bird, so anyone with a mentality above that of a 12-year-old didn’t care. In case you skipped the Material Girl, here she is in pictures. (Courtesy of Star-Ledger and BuzzFeed)

madonna1 560x657Soaring like a Pterodactyl on the verge of extinction.

madonna2 560x435Pretending (unsuccessfully) to be a hot, young cheerleader.

madonna3 560x758Acknowledging that Cee Lo is indeed the better singer.

madonna4 560x383Attempting (unsuccessfully) to keep up with a group of in-shape dancers.

madonna 9 560x375Auditioning for Thor 2.

madonna5 560x322Hiking up her granny thong.

madonna6 560x570Acrobat tossing.

madonna7 560x840Blinding the world with her punch-drunk crotch.

And yes, she did stumble like the old woman in the Life Alert commercials, which was kinda awesome. Fin.