Pigeons: The Underappreciated Bird


Most people only think of pigeons as those annoying urban birds who are always in the way on the sidewalk and crap on statues. Old people think of pigeons as their friends who they can feed while they’re sitting on a park bench at noon on a Wednesday afternoon.

So aside from old people, pigeons don’t really get much respect. But while doing extensive research, I found a few celebrities who are all about the pigeon, which binds these people as brothers.

mike tyson pigeon

Former boxing heavy weight champ Mike Tyson spends time tending to his 350 pigeons in Paradise Valley, an upscale enclave near Phoenix, Arizona.
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Bert, from Sesame Street, is grumpy, boring and easily frustrated. However, nothing makes him happier than collecting paper clips and bottle caps, cooking oatmeal, and, of course, watching pigeons. He even has a song about it:
(don’t watch because it’s really annoying)


The Oakland Raiders are a terrible football team. They were so desperate for a good special teams player that Al Davis recruited a pigeon:

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Apparently, urban pigeon racing is catching on. Check out this video:

… and we’ll leave you with the Pigeon Rat :