Pimp My Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck 001 e1374004091231 560x325July is hot. So hot, that it’s been named National Ice Cream Month, and today happens to be National Ice Cream Day. It’s also the month you’re most likely to hear an Ice Cream Truck coming down your block. Blaring La Cucaracha so all of the kids run down the street screaming, the Ice Cream Truck is as American as obese kids begging for ice cream.

Ice Cream Truck 560x280It’s no surprise, given the current food truck boom we’re experiencing across the country, that Ice Cream trucks have begun to get more creative as well. From pimped out designs to old nostalgic classics, this gallery has it all. We’ve even included an Ice Cream truck with a built-in pole dancing stage and another one that floats. They’ll do anything to make a buck and help cool off the kids during the hot summer months. Check out 100 photos of the most amazing Ice Cream trucks you’ll ever see :