Pitch Blocker – A Catcher’s New Best Friend


With the All-Star game approaching, baseball season is at full steam. All across the country pitchers are getting in their bullpen sessions to prepare themselves for the next big game. Meanwhile on the other end of that 94 mile per hour fastball, squats a coach, a fellow teammate, a petrified friend, or maybe if you’re lucky a fully protected and experienced catcher. But honestly, how many times do you think that last option is available to pitchers?

For those times when Johnny Bench isn’t at your beckon call or when hundreds of dollars worth of catching gear escapes your grasp, pick up the Pitch Blocker® and you’ll be able to protect your legs from looking like you owed someone’s bookie. The Pitch Blocker® is a light weight yet sturdy pitching tool that is beneficial for both the pitcher and the catcher.

For the catcher, the benefits are obvious: protection. Whether you’re catching a seasoned veteran working on a nasty sinker or you’re a dad teaching his son how to throw low and away, the Pitch Blocker® will assure your lower body protection from any balls that get away from your hurler. Plus you don’t have to worry about strapping on those cumbersome leg guards that are both time-consuming for the multi-tasking coach or player and expensive for the practical dad.


For the pitcher, the Pitch Blocker® can be used as a great training tool for working on your location. The distinct logo and universal strike zone dimensions on the front allow you to improve your skills at painting both corners of the plate. And because you know your catcher is protected, you can let it fly at full speed with confidence.

Designed by a professional catcher, the Pitch Blocker® is made out of a high impact tubular PVC. The vinyl coated nylon mesh screen (7 times stronger than normal screening) has been constructed with double re-enforced stitching. Pitch Blocker® will withstand the impact of anything the pitcher throws its way and at only $45 is a real steal.

For more information and to order the Pitch Blocker® now check out – www.pitchblocker.com