Pitino and Laettner Reunited (and it feels so good)

One of my most hated sports moments from childhood was Laettner’s last second shot to defeat Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA Tournament. Anyone who’s a sports fan has seen it, so no need to recap the details. Although it was a great play, the result still haunts me. I mean I hate Duke. Don’t think I have to explain that. But I also was rooting for a Kentucky team led by Jamal Mashburn and a bunch of guys not good enough to transfer away after Kentucky went on a¬†multiple year probation. Not that Kentucky needs any help with seven national titles and being a perennial powerhouse. It was the lesser of two evils.

Anyhow, VitaminWater has teamed Laettner and Pitino back up for a commercial to commemorate the event. Last I remember, Laettner was slumming it up for the Washington Wizards (I forgot his brief stint with the Miami Heat) amidst rumors or crystal meth use. Good to see he still has all his teeth. Here’s the ad, and I think the ending makes it all worth it:¬†

[HT] RushtheCourt and SI’s Extra Mustard