Plants Versus Zombies: The Game!

plants vs zombies1 560x354

129510 plants 300x185Leave it to PopCap Games to reload your emptied game-heroine needle with yet another mind-altering drug just as addictive as Peggle. Welcome, my friends, to the world of Plants Vs. Zombies! Oh sure, we of the horror fanatics know that Zombies are not supposed to be cute and cuddly – well, unless you count Fido, but that’s another story for another time. But that hasn’t stopped the creators of this time-killing game from incorporating said brain-eaters as lurching, shambling cartoon baddies. What could possibly be given to us, the gamer trying desperately to protect our house, as offensive retaliation? Plants, of course! Armed to the green-thumbed teeth with such defensive flora as sunflowers (one of the sources of your ‘sun-drops’ necessary to grow your plantations), pea shooters (yep, pea plants that shoot), savage Venus fly traps (kin to the ‘chomper’ plants from Mario), cherry bombs (no explanation needed), mushrooms, and many many more including myriad level-up variations on every weapon! Sure, each plant has its weakness, and, for some odd reason, said weakness can be exploited by the Zombie onslaught, who tb zompltns1 300x169also happen to be equally hungry for your gray matter. There are 50 levels to this game, with each zone getting progressively more difficult as the Zombies, too, ‘upgrade’ to pole vaulters (they leap one block of your plants), football players (much stronger), and the silly homage to Michael Jackson in Thriller who dances to raise the dead. Yeah, he’s especially irritating. The game is a blast and is available for a trial download or, shell out the clams, and spend $6.99 for the full version with which you can kill several days. Zombie fan or gardener, or anyone in between, will find themselves wondering where hours slipped away to with this one. Enjoy… you can thank me later.