Plasticine Tatooine: Star Wars Putty

grid plasticine tatooine elliott quince 560x792

Fan-made Star Wars artwork has been around ever since Luke Skywalker was bullseying Womp Rats with stun blasts. We’ve seen Star Wars action figures as Steampunk, 1942 and Samurai figures. We’ve seen Stormtrooper helmet art.¬†We’ve even seen Star Wars figures crafted out of vegetables.

Enter Elliott Quince, author of the book Plasticine Tatooine, which is about the secondary characters and how bitter they must be for not making it big. But what really sets this book apart is the artwork, as the characters are re-imagined in plasticine (like Play-doh for professional artists).


Buy the book on his site, and see more of his characters there, too.