Pogo Stylus

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We all love the fun that gadgets give us on a daily basis. One overlooked gadget is one that keeps our toys working. If you have an iPhone then you might want to check out the Pogo Stylus. The Pogo Stylus has a soft and durable tip that gives you a precise tool that is the perfect size for the keyboard keys. The Pogo Stylus can glide on the iPhone surface that allows you to sketch, draw characters, and slide to unlock. So instead of using your dirty fingers and possibly destroying your iPhone, get yourself the Pogo Stylus and keep you phone clean.

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The Pogo Stylus is constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy, that has an anodized finish in your choice of colors. You can get the stylus in black, orange, pink, green, silver and gunmetal. The Pogo Stylus comes with a clip that allows you to do more than just hold your stylus when not in use. The folks at Ten One Design, who created the Pogo Stylus, think of the Pogo Stylus as a super-clip. You can set your iPhone down while you watch  movies or videos, chat on the phone or online, and take down notes while on the phone. You can use the Pogo Stylus for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, and droid phones.

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Check out the Ten One Design’s website for more info on the Pogo Stylus and to purchase one for $14.95. You can also pick up the Pogo Stylus at Amazon.com. Plus, if you follow us on Twitter you will have your chance to win two of these, and also an Xtreme Mac case for your iPhone. Want to know more about the Xtreme Mac case, check out my review on that too!