Pop Culture of the Living Dead


If you’re gonna blend horror with standard pop culture in this day and age, you’ve really got one of three options: Vampires, Werewolves, or Zombies. The latter, Zombies, has become a literal cash cow for just about every other company willing to either turn a tried and true property into the living dead, or else come up with something of their own. Zombies have their rotting claws in just about every single form of media and pop culture you can imagine from toys to comics to movies to clothes. They are everywhere, and, fortunately, they’re all over the web. It was almost impossible not to keep this gallery as limited as I did, by which I mean I really only stuck to zombified versions of things that already exist: teddy bears, Star Wars, LEGO… etc. Anyway, you might as well enjoy these while you can… before the dead pop cultures take over the earth.