Pop-Culture Plates by Lee Samantha

Lee Samantha Pop Culture Platers 560x3131492143 131229170380668 2101932195 o e1403291030788 175x300Samantha Lee has been creating art with food since 2008. According to her website, she sketches designs out beforehand, and then constructs them with scissors, knives, and toothpicks. Everything you see on the plates is edible, and she originally started creating them to encourage her daughter to eat a variety of foods.

Now she is an internet sensation with over 560,000 followers on Instagram. Samantha has created hundreds of these plates, with a variety of subject matter. Our definite favorite creations are when she dips into pop-culture, both modern and of the nostalgic variety. We’ve selected some examples below, but check out her Facebook Page for the full collection.