Post Grad Purgatory

college graduate

If you are still in college, I strongly encourage you to savor every second you are there. Cling on to those seconds like a homeless person clinging to scraps of food. There is nothing better than having $18 in your bank account and it being able to sustain your food and alcohol for weeks at a time, along with getting up at 11AM and having it feel like an early start to the day. Yea, yea…I know people say this crap all the time, but the transition out to the real world could be a rough one as the following video demonstrates.

When you get into the real world you have two nights and one day each week to smush all of college like behavior into. This usually leads to unproductive Mondays and Tuesdays filled with cups of coffee and trips to the bathroom. Although it is always entertaining to see your friend discussing the return on investment on a product in the third financial quarter, when 45 hours prior to that he was doing the “Bernie” on the dance floor at 2 AM in a vomit filled shirt and piss stained jeans.

The years spent straddling the line of life as a college student and a functioning adult in society are interesting ones…

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