What’s Your Favorite Princess Leia Outfit?

leia featureIt’s safe to say that no matter what Princess Leia Organa is wearing throughout Star Wars, she’s hot, yet she’s rarely wearing anything too complex and rarely changes outfits. This is in contrast to the prequels, where Padme Amidala has a new outfit on in just about every scene. We’ve already shown you the hottest Princess Leia stuff and photos of girls dressed in Jabba’s slave-wear, so now let’s look back at what Leia wore throughout the original films.


Alderaan Gown


In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Princess Leia wears a traditional princess gown of Alderaan. Like a wedding dress, the white symbolizes her purity. But she’s also wearing a good pair of boots for all the running around the Death Star.

Ceremonial Gown

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Leia finally has a costume change at the end of A New Hope and dresses in this beautiful white gown for the awards ceremony.


Hoth Snowsuit

This time wearing white is practical on the planet of Hoth. This outfit is a has an insulated jumpsuit, vest, and boots, with her rank displayed on her vest.

Bespin Gown

Finally Leia gets to wear some upscale civilian clothing when she visits Cloud City.

Bespin Jumpsuit

012This is still the Hoth snowsuit, but without the vest and with a different pair of boots.

Note: At the end of Empire Strikes Back, Leia wears a very similar white gown from A New Hope. Here it is:



Boushh Outfit


Donning an Ogygian cloak, Shata leather pants, and Ubese breath mask, Leia poses as the recently-deceased Ubese bounty hunter. HOT. Oh yeah, don’t forget that HE’S HOLDING A THERMAL DETONATOR!

Jabba’s Slave Ensemble


Jabba the Hutt dresses Leia in gold and Lashaa silk, with Jerba leather boots.

Endor Combat Poncho

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As she embarks into the jungles of Endor, Leia wears pants, a beige shirt, a vest, a camouflage poncho and helmet.

Ewok Village Dress


I’m unclear where the Ewoks got this outfit for her, particularly the leather sandals, but here she wears a simple, natural dress and finally lets her hair down.

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Now, we ask the question with the most obvious answer of all time… whats your favorite? Let us know in the comments.