Product Labels You’ll Never See

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We here at GUNAXIN love us some tried and true humor. Nothing spits funny like internet ‘meme’ style comedy that’s become almost a mainstay in the community. Sometimes we’ve just sort of forgotten to get in on the ground floor. But that’s okay, you see, because sometimes enough time has passed so that the subject at hand has almost circled right around to freshness again. It’s a lot like that floor laundry axiom where the more dirty clothing you pile on top, the cleaner the stuff on the bottom becomes. Where the hell am I going with this, you’ve no doubt asked yourself over the last minute it took you to read this? Well I’ll tell you, in the next paragraph!

Some store-bought products are woefully lacking in more truthful labels. Sure they have their instructions, recommended usages, and even warnings, but none of them accurately inform the consumer of just exactly what it is they’re getting into. Well, these eight items do. And yes, I did make these. So, feel free to be as scathing and rancorous as you choose. I’m a big boy. Enjoy!

Tooth Whitening


Regrowing Hair

rogaine 560x560

Pressing your Clothes

Iron 560x387



Evidence Disposal


The Plowman’s Lunch

Ramen 560x560

Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em

zig zags

Bad Medicine