Quantum of Solace – Theme?

bond 201x300Coming this November 11th is the 22nd installment in the Bond Series, titled the Quantum of Solace. Technically, you might call this film a sequel to the 2006 reboot Casino Royale, and completely separate from the other 20 installments of the franchise. The new film features the return of Daniel Craig as James Bond and is directed by Marc Forster (director of Finding Neverland and Monster’s Ball).

Now you might ask, what’s with the title? It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Well, the title was chosen from a short story written by Bond author Ian Fleming. Fleming wrote 12 Bond novels and a collection of short stories featuring the character. The first 11 Bond films took their titles directly from Fleming’s novels. Only Casino Royale was not used due to legal issues. The next three Bond films used titles taken from Fleming’s short stories. It was not until 1989’s License to Kill that the producers no longer used Fleming’s titles. That trend continued until the rights to Casino Royale were acquired and eventually made into the 2006 film. It seems the producers want to get back to their roots and have chosen to utilize another of Fleming’s old Bond titles. Titles that remain unused include Risico, The Hildebrand Rarity, and The Property of a Lady.

So it begs the question, how does one incorporate Quantum of Solace into a theme song? Bond fans will point out that the title of the film usually works its way into the theme song. The producer’s solution? Ignore the title completely in the theme song. Here’s the Jack White and Alicia Keys official theme song:

But here’s a proposed theme song that actually uses the name Quantum of Solace:

You decide which one is better!

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