The Quidditch World Cup Is This Weekend!

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Wizards and witches unite! The Quidditch World Cup will be decided this weekend with 95 college teams battling in the Big Apple for the right to be crowned the nerdiest nerds in all the land. I wish I was making this up, but sadly, I am not. Behold, a press release!

“Muggle”, or non-magical, quidditch is a real and popular game, adapted by college students in 2005 from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels and is now played at over 500 schools worldwide. With regular tournaments held all over the US and Canada on a weekly basis, and new events being organized in locations as far away as Australia, quidditch is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Look out NFL, these muggles mean business.

In the largest display of real-life quidditch ever, over 2,000 college athletes will seek to best each other on eleven fields of continuous play. One-hundred teams representing 27 US states and 5 nations will compete, arriving from schools as close as NYU, and as far away as the University of Vassa in Finland.

Beware the Fins. They play dirty.

Between and during the games, spectators will experience a diverse array of entertainers and performances, including live music from over a dozen bands culminating in a headline concert Saturday night. There will be food and drink from local vendors, and matches will be announced by trained improvisational comedians. Live animals, including owls, may make an appearance.

Holy Quaffle! There’s gonna be owls. I am so there.

May the Snitch fly fast and the Butterbeer be warm and frothy.

[Via IQO]