Raising the Bar with George Dickel

Dickel Bar Contest 560x298

Back in October, we told you about the George Dickel Tennessee WhiskyRaise the Bar Competition” and shared some photos of the top bars. However what we didn’t tell you is that the entire competition was captured by Thom Beers’ crew for an original reality series.

You may know Thom’s work from Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, and Storage Wars, but he also has a passion for celebrating American craftsmanship showcased in Monster Garage, Biker Build-Off, and Monster House. So producing a series about craftsmen building bars was a perfect fit, and Raising the Bar was born.

The series is hosted by DIAGEO Master of Whisky, Gerry Graham and former professional baseball pitcher and current national radio host, Rob Dibble. Six episodes will be available via Hulu, starting with Team Big Steel and their 4000 metal washers. Wait till you see this thing pour some shots at the end.

Dicker Pour 197x300Now that you’ve seen the first episode, do you have any suggestions for what Team Big Steel could add to raise their bar to the next level? Your ideas will be judged by the Raising the Bar participants and Master of Whisky Gerry Graham, and if they select your submission, you could win it! Their judging will be based on the following criteria :

  • Originality and creativity. Give us ideas that are completely out of the box and unique.
  • Representative of true American craftsmanship. Like George Dickel Tennessee Whisky, they’re looking for the additions to the bar to be Handmade the Hard Way.
  • They want ideas that are flat out cool! These are items that you would want at your bar to show off to your friends!

Give us your suggestions for how to raise the bar in the comments below (and post to Facebook) and we’ll be sure to send them on to be considered in the judging. Good Luck!