Ram Power Wagon : Off-Road Muscle

Ram Power Wagon Header 1 560x280The 2015 Ram Power Wagon heavy-duty pickup is the most capable production off-road truck in the world and it recently demolished the competition to take FourWheeler.com’s Pickup of the Year title. Earlier this month we told you about our experience driving the entire Jeep fleet off-road in the snow up in Montreal. What we didn’t mention is that we also drove the massive Ram Power Wagon over the same obstacles, and it was able to follow the agile Jeeps without even breaking a sweat.

The Power Wagon boasts a part-time, manual-engagement 44-47 transfer case, ridiculously robust axles and electronic locking differentials driven by electro- magnetic actuators. The result is an incredibly capable truck that can tackle nearly any trail straight from the dealership. The biggest challenge it may ever face is clearing low hanging branches and city parking garages.

While in Montreal we had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Evans, Head of Ram Brand Operations, who absolutely loves talking about his baby. You see the truck pictured above (that we drove) is actually the exact model that he drives on a daily basis, even down to the graphics package. Check out this video where Ryan describes how the Ram Power Wagon is able to tackle each off-road obstacle with ease…