Random Rant: The BLT Sandwich

2008 01 milk and honey blt 300x200

I like bacon. I really do. It is crispy. It is unhealthy. It smells great in the morning. It goes great with just about anything. It is easy to prepare. Yet, there is one thing that it isn’t: a feature meat and thus begins my problem with the BLT sandwich.

Don’t come at me with just lettuce, tomato, and bacon and throw some mayonnaise on it and think you have a full sandwich, because from my perspective it is incomplete. You want to put another meat on there, then we can talk. Bacon is a supporting meat, almost like a super-condiment that enhances the rest of your sandwich, which must contain a feature meat (for example: ham, turkey, roast beef, prosciutto etc) and some type of cheese.

Not only does the BLT try to sneak bacon by as a feature meat, it also tries to skate by without any cheese. What type of sandwich is going to ignore a few slices of pepper jack, american, swiss, or any other type of cheese that suits your need? Not the type of sandwich I want in my life.

The BLT is incomplete. Making the bacon the feature meat is like making a relief pitcher a starter. It is like making Kevin or Phyllis the star of The Office. It is like making Fredo the lead in The Godfather instead of Michael.

I want you to remember that the next time you are thinking of ordering a BLT. It is a sneaky sandwich that is charging full price, while escaping its obligation to cheese and a feature meat. Don’t be fooled…and stay hungry my friends.