Random Sports Jersey Syndrome

Leaf 560x226bruce smith 181x300Random Sports Jerseys, I think you know the type. It’s that jersey of a high draft pick that never made it. The jersey of the aging star who turned a quick trick with another team for the cash, or of the player who put together a few good games and made you excited enough to go out and buy his number to put on your back. I’m sure any fan who has a few jerseys, has at least one that they keep in their closet, because they are too embarrassed to wear it out in public. The jersey of Bruce Smith in the photo to the left is an example that I recently captured on my mobile phone camera. (yeah, it looks like ass) Sure a Bruce Smith #78 from the Bills is a classic, which can be worn for generations, but did you really need to invest in his Redskins Jersey? While he played 3 seasons with the Skins, that ended 7 years ago. I think it’s time to move on.

I myself have a couple of jerseys that have been retired from my regular rotation. Being a hockey fan from Washington, I have the Jaromir Jagr sweater that I paid $180 for. The only reason I was able to retire the Jagr jersey is because I have a few other Capitals jerseys to choose from. It is for that reason that I still wear my #56 Lavar Arrington Redskins jersey, since I have no other Redskins jersey in my collection. It may be time to look for some new burgundy and gold to purchase, although I feel lucky that I am not one of the suckers that bought his Giants jersey. I think the cause of Random Jersey Syndrome is pretty clear. These things are damn expensive, so once you finally plunk down the cash to get that professional weight authentic jersey, you don’t want to put it in the yard sale just because Heath Shuler’s career didn’t turn out exactly as you had hoped. I guess that is why throwbacks sell so well, you know those guys will never turn lame on you. Of course tell that to the guy who purchased an O.J. Simpson jersey at his Hall of Fame induction.

The website, Straight Cash Homey Dot Net, has the ultimate collection of Random Jersey Photos. Each day they feature another jersey that has been sent to them by folks like yourself on the internet. I have put together a gallery of some of my favorites. (The photos with people pointing really crack me up) While you check out the gallery, please be on the lookout for any that you may have in your closet. If you do see that Ryan Leaf jersey that you have so proudly been wearing, it may be time to look into buying something new. Let us know in the comments section what Random Jerseys you have in your collection.