Rap Songs About Facebook Are Special

facebook song 560x235I’m not one of them geniuses I hear so much about, but I’m smart enough to know when a YouTube video has 90% more dislikes than likes then it’s definitely worth watching, if for no other reason than to point and laugh at someone else’s glaring lack of talent. “Facebook my favorite song” manages to hit the trifecta of awfulness: bad lyrics, horrendous camera work, atrocious editing. And like most terrible things on the internet, it’s being celebrated rather than ignored. Makes me wish I still had the 1989 VHS recording of me and my pal Jim performing our dope rendition of Eric B. and Rakim’s “Microphone Fiend.” If I did I would upload that puppy in a hot second, then kick back and watch the views pile up, because we were on point, yo.

[Via Know Your Meme]