Ready for Creepy? Black and WTF FTW

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The old adage that you can, after a minimal amount of searching, find virtually anything on the web has never been more true than right here: Creepy Black and White photos for your macabre enjoyment. You just have to know that with the advent of the camera some hundred years ago, it took serious effort to get the general populous to jive with the fact that taking one’s picture did not, generally, steal the soul. Boy, but you sure wouldn’t know it from this collection of morose, frightened, utterly amazed subjects from decades ago.

Have you ever wanted to get a good look at just how friggin bizarre life was back then without the unnecessary benefit of having to borrow the TARDIS? Well, this guy (couldn’t find his name) puts them all on the site for everyone to see. And, as a little extra piece of fun, you can even send in your own via this: [email protected] Sweet. Here’s a few samples of this sites amazing oddities. Oh, and just in case lawyers come callin’, all images are property of the aforementioned site.

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