The Real Reason Gangnam Style Parodies Are Stupid

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PSY has become a worldwide sensation for his “Gangnam Style” music video. A video so popular that the list of notable parodies is so long it has its own freaking Wikipedia page, which is scientifically the most notable something can be. Anyway, almost every single one of these parody videos is completely retarded, but not because of the dancing.

According to PSY himself, “Gangnam Style” was written as a satirical swipe at people who claim to be something they’re not. In other words, “Gangnam Style” is actively taking the piss out of posers and the kind of people who latch onto something just because it’s popular. You know, like the millions of people who suddenly started doing this new crazy dance because they saw it on YouTube.

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We’re legally obligated to show this GIF.

The actual quote from PSY is as follows: “This song is actually poking fun at those kinds of people who are trying so hard to be something that they’re not.” We don’t think there’s a word to describe how Inception-like the level of stupidity is here. People are blindly parodying a song about how stupid it is to be a poser, because they don’t understand the language the song is sung in because they’re only concerned with trying to look cool. Holy fuck, PSY is a genius!

Since PSY sings primarily in Korean, the lyrics to his songs are lost on most western people, hence why most parody videos focus on mimicking his dance moves as opposed to his singing. His sweet, sweet dance moves.

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It’s hypnotic in its own way.

PSY isn’t stupid. The guy has been singing for years. Hell, his first few albums weren’t allowed to be sold to minors, making him a freaking Korean Eminem. He’s controversial and completely insane, but everyone loves him for it.

This is why the video looks so crazy. “Gangnam Style” is supposed to look stupid, because it’s making fun of people who assert that they’re cool when it’s clear to everyone else they’re hipster douchebags.

So, in effect, everyone who’s uploaded a video of themselves dancing to “Gangnam Style” is just highlighting what PSY was trying to say. People will gladly make themselves look like complete dicks if they think it will make them look cool. Man, this guy is like our god.