Is it Really ‘Ask a Stupid Question Day’?

So. There is actually a day called ‘Ask A Stupid Question Day‘. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since any combination of words you can find probably has a day somewhere on your calendar. Asian Footwear Day, Elastic Science Day, Supposedly Fish Day… I don’t know for sure if any one of those has an actual day, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

Anyway, it’s AASQD (an abbreviation I believe we can all enjoy), and luckily enough for us it happens to fall in an Election Year. Do you have any idea how lucky we are that this has happened? Especially since the one guy who’s been appointed to run against President Obama is just a walking sound bite. This is going to be a cinch folks. But look, I’m going to be fair. I know some of you readers out there are not fond of Mr. Obama, either. Or, maybe you’re undecided and aren’t really in love with either candidate. Either way, I’ll be as balanced as our budget. See what I did there?

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