Really Cool ‘LOST’ Posters

LostLogo 560x316

If you’re a Lost fan, then you know the groundbreaking series is nearing its conclusion. Six long, amazing and frustrating seasons are about to come to a merciful end. Hey, I dig the show and have been invested since its inaugural episode in 2004, but enough is enough already. Locke is the Smoke Monster, Jacob is dead, Sawyer is surly, the island is mysterious… we get it!

Anyway, artist Gideon Slife has undertaken an ambitious project. He is creating a thematic poster for each and every installment. He’s already completed around 80 and hopes to be finished before the big finale next month. To ogle his massive gallery, head on over to his Flickr page.

Here’s one of my favorites from episode four (via /Film).

lost poster