Reaping the Many Benefits of Driving a Small Car

Kia Rio Baltimore 560x280Are you in the market for a new car? If so, turn your sights on a smaller model vehicle if you’re used to driving a larger sedan, truck or SUV. Besides potentially saving a lot with the help of the right Baltimore auto insurance policy, there’s much more to be gained by sliding behind the wheel of a compact car. And know that even tall drivers can find a perfect small car that offers plenty of legroom and desirable features.

Overall Fuel Efficiency

515979 560x201One of the leading reasons to drive a small car is solid fuel efficiency, which is due to the small engine and the car’s lightweight design. With the way gas prices can yo-yo up and down, it’s nice to know your car will maximize every dollar of gas you pump into it without sacrificing its overall performance.


Parking 560x350

If you live in a city or a neighborhood where parking is considered a precious commodity, you’ll love how easy it is to park a small car on the street as well as in lined parking spaces. Even if your home has a garage, you could find yourself gritting your teeth in nervousness trying to slide your current car into the compact space. Do yourself a favor and get a smaller vehicle that can roll in and out of spaces with ease.

Lower Cost of Maintenance

2018 Kia Rio Performance 1 560x373

Because small cars have equally small engines, they’re often less expensive to maintain when compared to larger vehicles. There are fewer components to replace and fewer fluids to put in, and there’s also the fact that smaller engines don’t churn out as much carbon residue in the internal engine, which means your vehicle won’t need as much induction cleaning maintenance. This all equals up to fewer trips to the mechanic and more savings for you.

Overall Maneuverability

2016 Mini Clubman 2 560x280

Another pro of small cars is their nimble capabilities. With the way some motorists drive, it’s nice to have a maneuverable vehicle that can zip between lanes and out of the way of distracted drivers. Going back to ease of parking, smaller cars are a breeze to parallel park on busy city streets, meaning you might not have to circle the block several times to find a space in which you can fit your vehicle.

Lower Cost of Initial Purchase

2016 Ford Fiesta 560x361

Just like it makes sense that a larger vehicle comes with a larger price tag, the same is true of a smaller price tag for smaller vehicles. That lower cost means you likely don’t have to borrow as much money if you need to finance your new car, which means lower monthly payments as well as lower interest payments over time. Even if you don’t need to finance your next car, choosing a less expensive smaller car means you can save more money in the long run, money you can divert elsewhere in your financial home.

Abundant Space

2018 Kia Rio Interior 8 560x373

Don’t be fooled by the way a small car looks on the outside. On the interior, you’ll find there’s plenty of space not only for you as a driver, but also for your passengers and any cargo you might need to haul around with you. Small car manufacturers know one of the biggest gripes drivers have about their vehicles is the lack of legroom and space, which is one reason more recent models are designed for maximum square footage.


Soul Electric 560x279

Perhaps you’re making an effort to be more environmentally friendly in your day-to-day life. If you are, you surely can’t go wrong with a smaller car. Smaller cars don’t release as many carbon emissions as larger models do, which means less damage to the ozone layer and the environment in general.

Check out your options for popular small car models to see what you’re missing. Once you’ve taken one for a test drive, you might never want a larger car ever again.