Reasons to Hate Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football

When this nonsense launched a few years back I was more upset by the fact that I could not watch it. I was upset at NFL-N and Comcast. But now that I have both NFL-N and HD, I realize that I still hate this idea! The biggest reason is that it screws up my Fantasy Football Teams. It’s playoff time soon and I have to set my roster before most injury reports are even published! This has made me so mad that I’ve started a petition: Fantasy Football Owners Against Thursday Night Football!



Next is that the game sucks. You already have 2 showcase games each week, and we are lucky if one of them is worth watching. The odds are stacked against the fans. The game will either have teams in it you hate or don’t care about, and the game probably will be a sloppy one sided affair that is barely worth calling professional football. Take this week’s Titanic Clash of Mediocrity: Bears vs 49ers. A .500 team vs a sub .500 team. And maybe the sub .500 team has a long shot at making the playoffs by stealing the division with an 8-8 record. What an interesting and compelling match-up. Yeah, this game is best suited to be buried amongst a ton of games on Sunday, that way if anything interesting happens you won’t be forced to suffer through the botched punts and holding penalties to enjoy it.

I’m married, so I am in a position where I occasionally have to bargain for TV time. I have a choice, trade something away for a shitty mid-week game or go without football. I already have to deal away enough to watch as much football as I want, it really isn’t worth it for me to make the deal needed to watch this game.


I hate this man.

Matt Millen. Why this brain dead useless asshole has a job when America has over 10% unemployment is beyond my understanding and is a crime. No person who has been laid off in the last 2-3 years performed as badly at their jobs as Millen did while GM for the Lions. It was impossible. If you showed up to work and stood at the water cooler for 8 hours talking about nothing with anyone that walked by, then you did your job better than Millen did his. And your punishment is an unemployment check and having to watch this useless prick talk about a subject he obviously knows nothing about. This is a crime and every network that has hired him (NFL, ESPN, and ABC for college games) should be fined by the government. I will never understand how a League owned TV network can employ someone who did such damage to one of it’s teams. If you actually like football, seeing Matt Millen on TV should really bother you. If I had the money I’d buy and re-launch with the goal of making sure he never works in D-1A or pro football ever again, at any capacity.

Did I mention that this package of games has a dumb name too! Run to the Playoffs. Yes, the NFL thinks you are dumb enough not to realize that neither of these teams will be in the playoffs.


Stop the Madness!

So go right now and set your fantasy teams, and PLAY FAIR! Remind your fellow owners to do the same. No players on bye games here guys, we all suffer through this crap together.