Red Hot Hollywood Redheads

red heads 560x407We recall reading on the Interwebs that natural redheads are a dying breed. What a shame. We are huge fans of these alabaster skinned rarities. Lucky for us, the number of ladies sporting cardinal locks is on the rise in Tinseltown. We’ve noticed more and more new flame topped actresses popping up in movies and TV shows, in addition to the sultry veterans who have been singeing the big and small screens for years. Enough of the jibber-jabber. Let’s take a peek at these sizzling sirens. (Sorry to all Nicole Kidman fans. She won’t be included.)

18 – Karen Gillan

karen gillan

This charming cherub was recently pegged to play the companion to the Eleventh Doctor in the newest installment of BBC’s long running classic sci-fi series Doctor Who. Might be time to move to London.

17 – Rebecca Mader

rebecca mader 199x300

If you’re a Lost freak like us, you will recognize the freckle-faced Mader. She portrayed the mysterious Charlotte. Look for her in the upcoming The Men Who Stare at Goats with Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and George Clooney. We assume she doesn’t play the goat.

16 – Deborah Ann Woll

Deborah Ann Woll 300x300

Catch her in True Blood as a bloodsucking vampire. We have absolutely zero problem if she were to sink her teeth into our necks. Or anywhere else on our bodies, if you get our meaning.

15 – Bonnie Wright

bonnie wright 210x300

Harry Potter fanatics know her as little Ginny Weasley. Don’t worry, she’s 18. To avoid possible litigation, we made sure before throwing her on this list. At any rate, Bonnie is cute as a button. We predict big things for her after she graduates from Hogwarts.

14 – Marcia Cross

marcia cross 213x300

Marcia is an oldie, but a goodie. She’s been heating up the small screen in primetime soaps like Knots Landing, Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives for almost twenty years. As you can see, she keeps herself in damn fine shape.

13 – Kate Mara

kate mara2 230x300

We first noticed Kate in We Are Marshall. Look deep into her eyes. How can you not be captivated? She landed a role alongside Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man 2. We suspect Gwyneth Paltrow might be a tad nervous.

12 – Rachelle Lefevre

rachelle lefevre 200x300

Rachelle must be feeling a bit down in the dumps. She just got replaced by another member on this list in the third Twilight flick. We feel bad for her. We have a great big shoulder perfect for crying on. She’s more than welcome to use it.

11 – Kate Walsh

kate walsh 222x300

Kate is sexy. We don’t use that word often to describe women. That’s because most aren’t. They might be hot or gorgeous or cute, but not sexy. This tall drink of water is the only reason to watch Private Practice.

10 – Miranda Otto

Miranda Otto 225x300

Best known for her role in The Lord of the Rings movies, Otto has also appeared sans clothes in the film Kin. We have no idea what Kin is about, but it’s been moved to the top of our Netflix queue.

9 – Alicia Witt

alicia witt 268x300

We’re perplexed why Alicia hasn’t been in more stuff. Ever since Cybil went off the air back in ’98, she’s been strangely absent from the scene with the exception of guest spots on series like Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Two and a Half Men. C’mon producers! She’s smokin’ hot. Please cast her in some R-rated movies that require nudity.

8 – Julianne Moore

julianne moore 249x300

Moore went bottomless in the late great Robert Altman’s Short Cuts. She also played a porn starlet in Boogie Nights. We’ve been obsessed ever since. In addition to her fetching features, she’s got four Oscar noms on her resume. Amazingly, she’s almost 50.

7 – Alyson Hannigan

alyson hannigan 214x300

Geesh. Did Willow from Buffy grow up or what? She always had a girl-next-door appeal as a young lass, but feast your eyes on the picture above. If that’s not a “come hither” look, we don’t know what is. She’s got us… spellbound.

6 – Bryce Dallas Howard

bryce dallas howard 300x241

Bryce bounced #12 from Twilight: Eclipse. We’re told by all our teenybopper groupies that the Twilight franchise is really dreamy. We guess that’s a good thing for Bryce, who is still trying to escape the shadow of her famous old man, Ronnie.

5 – Emily Blunt

emily blunt 200x300

Some of us were begrudgingly forced to accompany our girlfriends to The Devil Wears Prada. Normally, we would have eaten a bullet ten minutes into a movie so mind numbingly awful, but Ms. Blunt’s scarlet mane prevented us from going all Plaxico. You can see her naked in My Summer of Love. Very nice.

4 – Amy Adams

amy adams 171x300

We love us some Amy Adams. She made Night at the Museum II tolerable. She’s only been acting for ten years, but has already been nominated for two Oscars. She can pull off cute and sexy. That ain’t easy.

3 – Christina Hendricks

christina hendricks 230x300

This buxom temptress drives men mad on Mad Men. If we knew there were chicks like Hendricks brightening up the office, we would have gotten into the ad game years ago. Instead, we sit home and write about sports, movies and unattainable women. We suck.

2 – Eva Green

eva green 300x300

Eva shows all her naughty bits in The Dreamers. We’ve watched it multiple times. It might be a good movie, but we were too distracted to discern. She also played the engaging Vesper Lynd in the fantastic Casino Royale.

1 – Isla Fisher

isla fisher1 220x300

Obviously, Isla likes weird, funny guys. She’s engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen. We are weird, funny guys. At least that’s what our ex-girlfriends told us. Or was it funny looking and weird? It’s not important. What is important is that Isla realize we would make an ideal rebound after she kicks Sacha to the curb.