Reese Witherspoon Has the Plot For Her Next Movie

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Full disclosure. Reese Witherspoon bothers me. Not in the way hiccups bother me. No, closer to the way Southern blonde princesses with pointy chins bother me. Which is why I guffawed with glee when I heard she was hit by a car while jogging yesterday. That is until I read the details of the story:

The incident occurred during a jog in Santa Monica, Calif., a rep for the actress, 35, confirms to PEOPLE [magazine]. The driver, an 84-year-old woman, was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, say reports. Explaining that she was not seriously injured, the rep says Witherspoon is “resting comfortably at home.”

Resting comfortably? Not even a chipped bone in her elbow or a skid mark on her face? Fiddlesticks! This superwoman must be made from adamantium. I blame the stupid elderly driver. If a 25-year-old studio exec with a cocaine habit was behind the wheel, Reese would be nothing more than a bloody streak on the pavement. Oh well.

The worse news is Reese will undoubtedly use this incident as inspiration for her next movie. Here’s the plot:

Lindsay Shaw is a single, successful internet entrepreneur who just can’t seem to find Mr. Right. All that changes on an evening jog when dashing professional baseball player Trent Clark runs her over with his truck and heart. Will Lindsay and Trent navigate love’s bumpy road or will their chance encounter crash and burn?

Struck By Love. Coming to theaters summer 2013.