Remembering American McGee’s Alice

American McGees Alice 1425 560x420For those of you who don’t know, a looooong time ago, back in 2000, an Alice in Wonderland-themed game came out called American McGee’s Alice, a third-person action game. McGee is one of the guys who worked on Doom. His name is actually American, and he has a website.

Sure, the visual effects in Tim Burton’s film are great, but let’s reflect on the cool imagery this game brought us a while back, which is far darker and more adult-oriented than Johnny Depp in a clown suit. The game is available on Amazon, and there are plenty of action figures based on it, as well. Photos below.

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American McGee’s Alice – Alice and the Cheshire Cat Box Set
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American Mcgees Alice Action Figures – White Rabbit
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American McGee’s Alice Tweedle Dee
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American McGee’s Alice – Tweedle Dum Action Figure
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American McGee’s Alice – Caterpillar Action Figure

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Black Rabbit in gray top coat and gray hat figure
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American Mcgee’s Alice (Score)
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