Replacement NFL Official is Quite Confused on the Microphone

NFL craig ochoa 560x271The NFL is using replacement officials this pre-season, due to a labor dispute with the NFL Referees Association. Early in Week 1 of pre-season, it’s very obvious to fans and players that these guys are nervous. It was most obvious when Craig Ochoa, fresh off calling the Hall of Fame Game (which featured the Arizona Cardinals), took to the mic to announce the results of a challenge. In a game between the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta challenged an incomplete call along the sidelines :

Ochoa nervously announced, “Arizona will be not charged a timeout. It will be 4th down and 8 from the 43.” Of course Arizona wasn’t playing in this game, so we assume he meant Atlanta. Since Atlanta lost the challenge, they would indeed be charged a timeout. The moment led to some rather humorous commentary by the Ravens’ broadcast team.

Note : We post this not to mock Ochoa, as much as to support the NFL Referees Association. We don’t want to see the season start without the best in the world working the games.

Update : For a full recap of just how bad officiating was around the league last night, we refer you to Deadspin.