Ri Universal Remote


ri1 e1302706449740 197x300For the phone that has it all, there is a universal remote that has it all. The Ri Universal remote transforms your iPhone to a truly universal remote that fits in your pocket. The size of the remote is that of a quarter. The Ri cuts out the waste time to find the right remote or worry about recharging your battery.

The Ri is a universal app that is optimized for both iPhone and iPad screens and the Ri configures all your remotes automatically. The Ri app comes with all the remote codes and it auto detects presence of Ri Hardware. You can hook up your home gadgets by connecting to your TV, DVD, Home theater, and Audio devices. Plus at work you can use the Ri app for your Mac and other devices such as a projector.

The Ri also handles incoming phone calls so you wont miss any call while using Ri. The Ri app sells for $29.99 and for more info on the app check out their website.