Rise of Indie Game Studios

Indie Games 560x280Gaming has become a popular leisure pursuit in recent years. Given this demand, the gaming industry as a whole has seen phenomenal growth. Not only have the major gaming studies experienced this development but so have smaller indie game studios which have worked to put themselves on the map.

Wolf3D 560x350Indie games were first made exclusively for PCs. In the 1990’s, these games were released as shareware. Given a chance to develop games, these initial indie designers were mainly creating these games as a hobby and weren’t expecting to get rich from their endeavors. As time went on, this soon changed.
Over time, the major game developing companies, such as Nintendo, constantly had to come up with new versions of their popular titles. This in a way limited their ability to be creative. This limitation wasn’t experienced by indie gaming companies who were much freer to think outside of the box. This is how the massively popular game, Minecraft, was developed. Released in 2011, the game soared to popularity.

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Advancements in technology have also helped to make indie gaming studios much more important. With a wider range of operating systems, the demand for even more titles is greater. These developments have also made it possible for indie game designers to go from practicing their craft strictly as a hobby to making money. The technology exists to make payment required before downloading an indie game. These changes in technology not only helped indie gaming studios grow but also the online casino industry. Online casinos like MobileCasinoCanada.ca began developing casinos games to be used on the internet, including mobile phones.

The future looks promising for indie studios as the games they produce continue to become fan favorites. Technology will no doubt evolve in time to include new trends such as virtual reality gaming.