Robert Fink’s Pixel Proposal

We all know that women love a little romance in their lives and everything that involves it; this is nothing new. We also know that every straight man loves women too and that’s why we usually go out of our way and do anything possible to please them, make them happy, make them smile and satisfy them in every possible way.

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She seems worth it.

This is the reason why you may see some of us organizing a romantic dinner with candles, even though deep inside all we want is to eat the biggest and baddest cheeseburger in town, accompanied with lots of fries and a few beers, while playing our favorite video-game or we’re watching Terminator 2 for the fiftieth time.

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Romance on a Plate

In some extreme cases we might even be planning for months a romantic “escape” to an exotic “heaven” as our beloved women like to refer to some isolated jungles, where you can’t find any decent comic shop or a Burger King restaurant to have some fun. Of course all that is when we are really into the specific girl and we want to keep her forever and ever, while the thought of losing her drives us even madder than Bane, every time he listens to the word Batman.

Bane TDKR3So inevitably, it comes to the tragic point one day that you will most likely have to kneel in front of your special girl -and a few hundred people if you are brave or just stupid enough to do such thing in public- in order to make a marriage proposal, and with it, your woman happy for an eternity and a day.

59618230 proposal gettyIf you are about to cry while reading all this, we got some good news for you. Yep, if you are talented and creative enough you may avoid all these clichés just like Robert Fink, a graphic artist and video game designer from Oregon, who showed the way first. Robert took his relationship with girlfriend Angel White to another level when he created a romantic (that part is inevitable, just deal with it) video game proposal. Frank says:

The first thought in my head when I saw her was “She’s beautiful…and she plays video games… I want to marry her”

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The video game was designed ala Mario-style platform game, in which an adventurous knight jumps over spikes, collecting fragments of a ring. At the end of the level, the knight enters a castle to find a princess frozen in ice. He rescues her, before getting down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage. The knight then says:

“I have searched far and wide and braved many dangers searching for you. Angel White, would you do me the honour of sharing your life with me?”

Angel was then given a choice – yes or no and she made sure not to pick any of these two. She just looked at Robert with tears in her eyes and replied…. “Duh”

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