Roger Goodell Under Fire On Twitter

Goodell sad

This has not been a good year for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. An arbitration panel threw out his punishment of four players over “Bountygate” this month, the league is being sued by thousands of former players for covering up concussion risks, and two potential allies, owners Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones, are suing the league over salary cap penalties they incurred.

Judging from social media, however, Goodell’s biggest concern lies with the current labor dispute with NFL officials. After a poor preseason, the replacement officials had a relatively quiet Week 1, but Week 2 was a different story. Slow games, missed calls and one pretty obvious verbal slip left fans frustrated and angry, and they took to twitter to voice their displeasure directly at the Commish.

The tweets ran the full range of emotion. The only thing they had in common was a severe lack of spell check.

From polite:

To angry:

To vulgar:

And of course no internet discussion can be complete without a little racism or antisemitism: