Ron Artest’s Name Change: Awesome or Lame?


With the National Basketball Association officially under lockout mode, we are going to have to wait and see what Ron Artest’s new name change will look like in a NBA uniform and being called by NBA play by play announcers.

Last week, the Lakers star filed a document to have his name changed to…wait for it, “Metta World Peace.” Clearly, Artest being the colorful and somewhat zany character that he is, has gone off the deep end. He decided to do what many professionals athletes have done in the past and changed his name to either help his brand, religion, or in Artest’s case, just to be different.

However, there are clearly two sides to decision, “Is Ron Artest changing his name awesome or lame?” Here are the arguments for both sides:

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Ron Artest’s Name Change Is Awesome:

C’mon, he changed his name to Metta World Peace. On the level of awesome names, that clears the bar at about a 22. In the annals of awesome NBA names, that might be in the top 2 only getting prevented from the top slot by a man named, World B. Free.

Anyway, think about the possibilities that NBA play by play announcers will have, “Odom in the post out to Peace for three…nails it…World Peace drains the triple, Lakers are up by seven.”

Also, anytime Metta screws up, the Lakers fans can chant, “Give Peace a Chance”.

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Ron Artest’s Name Change Is Lame:

C’mon, this is clearly a cry for attention similar to when Chad Johnson changed his last name to Chad Ochocinco. At least it Chad’s case, he’s changing it to reflect the number on the back of his jersey.

Metta World Peace, it’s sound like the name of a 1970’s commune that promoted free love and very questionable drug use. If Artest wants to change his name, go ahead but make it tough like, Rambo Stone, Max Power, or Jack Of All Trades.

Your mother gave you that name Ron, you shouldn’t change it!


The Verdict:

While both side have valid arguments, it seems to be that Ron Artest is clearly promoting himself with the name change and in the NBA where self-promotion is everything, changing your name is going to be the next en-vogue thing.

In final, Ron Artest name change can be deemed rather awesome.