Ron Burgundy Scotchy Scotch Scotch

trailerGreat Odin’s Raven Special Reserve: That’s the name of a classy beverage. That’s why it’s the only beverage worthy of being used to promote the December 20th release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. It’s an honor probably also sought by such esteemed brands as Johnny Walker and Wild Turkey. For $25.00 a bottle, fans of the comedy icon will be able to help promote the comedy blockbuster to fans of a night out. It’s a 60% malt and 40% grain blend, probably to reflect how the dialogue for these Anchorman movies is about 60% improvised, 40% scripted. Or vice versa.

ron burgundy scotchThis leads one to wonder why more comedy icons don’t have tribute drinks. Sure, The Big Lebowski fans have basically made White Russians their own due to The Dude’s affection for them, although he called them Caucasians.

whiterussian 434Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans of course have the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster…

Normal pangalacticgargleblaster

These unfortunately have been the exception rather than the rule. Also I don’t think the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster ever became a real thing. If it had it probably would have damaged my brain too much for me to remember it.

This deficiency in comedy booze should be remedied ASAP. I would have very much appreciated it if The Secret Life of Walter Mitty had a tie-in drink called “Thurber” in tribute to the original author’s habit. Perhaps the upcoming cartoon The Nut Job could have a nice nut-flavored liquor released to help the promotion, even if it is a family movie. Most appreciated of all would be if the next Jason Friedberg/Aaron Seltzer spoof movie had an alcoholic beverage to go with it because that would probably make the experience halfway bearable.

So here’s to Ron Burgundy for doing it right.

ron burgundy