Roscoe’s Hop House Amber Ale

Roscoe’s Hop House – Craft Ale – Amber Ale –

Roscoe’s Hop House, Rochester, NY


Info: (From the Bottle) –Harkening back to old world brewing styles, Roscoe’s Hop House uses the highest quality malts and hops to bring forth this smooth, bright-flavored Amber Ale. With a nod to the past, this nicely balanced, true ale is brewed using traditional brewing methods for a unique flavor prfile. The password t our best kept secret is found inside the bottle.

I figured I’d stray from my mission to tackle each and every Dark beer I could conceivably get my hands on for this particular review mostly because I saw far too many to choose from and I had never tried this sample at all. Sounds like solid grounds for which to offer up a profile for you folks, wouldn’t you agree? The other odd thing I stumbled on was the difficulty I had locating the web site for this beer. Fortunately, after a bit of searching I did hit upon a chat discussion talking about it and, thus, was pointed to the brewer’s site. I had no idea they also make Dundee! Love that stuff! Anyway, on with the show…

Whoa what a difference from the heavier, maltier styles I’ve been imbibing lately! This one positively reeks of wheaty, crispy, Autumn scents and rings aloud with a light sweetness. The head is a light foam, but just as quickly as it forms, it dissipates into a slight, white circle. The amber hue is almost borderline golden, though that sounds a tad oxymoronic, I swear it’s true. There’s a slight spice note, as well, almost reminiscent of Grains of Paradise or even a waft of coriander. It’s very nice, and not at all assailing to the senses.

Now there’s a flavor for you: full on Amber Ale in every sense of the word! It’s unbelievably smooth and mellow with just a hint -and I do mean a hint- of hoppiness in the very back of the swallow just to bid you a nod before it’s gone. It’s rare that I hit upon such a wickedly deceptive beer that really hides its sly and whimsical characteristics behind such a masking moniker, but here we are just the same. Many of the Amber Ale’s I’ve had in the past have been slightly dull and without any real soul, but this one does not shy away from presenting itself as the special beer that it really is. This would be a great beer to match up with some salty snack fare like the eats you get with a great sports party or tailgate event. A good ‘hanging out beer’ that isn’t heavy and perfect for parties. Good stuff.

Rating: * * * *
Crisp, full of genuine wheat and barley with a taste that doesn’t dissapoint. This is the beer all those boring Bud drinkers could easily be swayed to.