Rules of Bromance from End of Watch

End of Watch 3A central theme in End of Watch is the relationship between LAPD partners Taylor and Zavala (Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena). In this feature we provide Taylor and Zavala’s rules of how to make your “bromance” last.

Always have your buddy’s back

End of Watch 5

When you’re an LA cop you have got to ‘watch your six’ so if you want your bromance to flourish you have to be looking out for your partner. If you are both looking out for each other, your bromance is ready to roll.

Be willing to take the hit

End of Watch 4

In the film we see both Taylor and Zavala risk their safety to help each other. If you want to have a proper bromance, you have to be willing to take a hit for your friend

Give your buddy solid dating advice

End of Watch 8

If your buddy ends up hurting the wrong lady you can give yourself all sorts of hassle, not to mention having to listen to him whine about it. Save yourself the trouble and always give him sound advice. It is worth playing the long game with this one

Be there at the big events

End of Watch 10

Taylor is there for Zavalas family party and Zavala is there for Taylor’s wedding. If you want your bromance to last, you have got to be present when it matters the most. The big event counts!

Keep your promises

End of Watch 9

The killer for most bromances is being let down. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep. Taylor and Zavala make some pretty big promises and when the rubber hits the road they step up to the plate. If you want a bromance like theirs you have to see things through.

Always screen their other halves

End of Watch 6A dodgy other-half can be the ruin of a great bromance. If your buddy is taking hell at home, he won’t be on the ball at work. Save yourselves the hassle and make sure you screen the girlfriends before they get too serious.

Cover for each other

End of Watch 1

No one is perfect and even your bro is going to get into trouble sometimes. Taylor and Zavala cover for each other when their bosses come down hard. If you want him to cover for you then you have to return the favor. Don’t let your bro take the fall unless he has to.

If you follow these steps your bromance could be as strong as Taylor and Zavalas. Good luck bros.

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