Run DMC Wish You a Merry Christmas

There are a lot of reasons why Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC is the greatest Christmas song of all-time.  First, it samples pretty heavily from Jingle Bells.  Second, you’ve got the boys from Run DMC toying with the notion of stealing Santa’s wallet.  And third, it was featured prominently at the opening of the greatest Christmas action movie of all-time, Die Hard (“This is Christmas music!”).  Now can you imagine if other movies incorporated this beauty into the soundtrack?  Just imagine George Bailey walking down the streets of “Potterville” after the town has gone to shit with Christmas in Hollis playing.  Now, doesn’t that both make the scene 10 times better AND make you think that Potterville isn’t such a bad place after all?  Thought so.

But when you see the gem of a music video, featuring a creepy looking elf yanking around a giant candy cane in an act that in no way looks phallic and disturbing, only then will you truly understand the genius that is Christmas in Hollis.  Let’s watch!

From Run DMC and Gunaxin, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Also, happy Hunukkah, Kwanzaa and Festivus for, ya know, you other folks.