A Russian Action Movie Tarantino Would Love

vdrebezgi teaser 560x238

I don’t often post about foreign flicks because I’m a closet xenophobe. Hardy-har-har… just kidding. Truthfully, I love foreign films (except anything from Albania) and have no problem reading subtitles. However, if you’re like my ex-girlfriend Shannon and find subtitles “like really confusing and stuff,” don’t fret. Because the teaser for Vdrebezgi, which hails from Russia, contains no dialog. It’s got eerie feedback, a wicked car wreck, chicks pointing guns and a dude flying over bike handlebars, but zero words. I liken it to a mishmash of Gaspar Noé and Quentin Tarantino. The title apparently means “to pieces.” Seems fitting.

[Via Twitch]