The Saddest and Most Heart-Warming Christmas Special of All Time

ALFsSpecialChristmas 560x373

What makes a great Christmas Special? An appearance by Santa? Snow? Carolers? Ebenezer Scrooge? Maybe. They do certainly show up their fair share of times in nearly every special. But what about Joy? Fellowship? Love and caring? Now those things don’t come around as often as they should… but far be it from me to be preachy.

But what about ALF? What? That 80’s Sit-Com about a stranded, snarky alien who eats cats? Yep, ALF. In perhaps one of the most poignant specials of all time, not only does ALF himself learn the true meaning of Christmas… which in and of itself is an exercise in futility. ALF finds himself lost in a Children’s Hospital, while the rest of the Tanners spend the holiday in a rustic cabin in the woods. The rest is just miraculous. Below is a bit of a highlight package, but you can watch the full episode on YouTube.