Samson: Studio GT Pro


If you are looking to record music or create a podcast just like the Gunaxin Show then you might want to see what Samson has to offer you with their starter kit. Samson has created the Studio GT Pro.  This recording software package allows multiple users to input vocal and instrumental tracks into their computers while being able to monitor the tracks through headphones during recording. The kit has a USB audio interface to allow you to record your music or show into your computer.

The Studio GT allows you to have two mics and an instrument line input along with gain control, clip LED, and two 1/8-inch stereo headphone outputs with independent level controls. Plus, the Studio GT includes a 2-position switch for mono and stereo monitoring. This kit helps to make home recording easy while still sounding professional. The Studio GT includes Cakewalk Sonar LE music production software for enhanced control over the development of your creations.


The GT allows you to do much more then record music or a podcast. You can use the Studio GT as speakers for your desktop. Whether you are listening to your  iTunes playlist, audio/video clips off YouTube, or CD/DVD content, the Studio GT enables any desktop audio material to be customized and pumped through a set of pro-level monitors. I also tested out the speakers with a few online games and the Studio GT never missed a beat.

The Studio GT sells for $249.99 and comes with the CakeWalk Sonar LE software, a Samson 101 condenser microphone, XLR cable, desktop stand and an owner’s manual to help you set up the GT. The Studio GT is compatible with either a PC or a Mac. For more info check out the Samson website.