Saving SNL: Bobby Moynihan

bobby 300x199As Saturday Night Live nears on its 35th season, it is a long way from the days of Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler. However, there may be one man that saves the show. Meet Bobby Moynihan, a second year castmate on SNL, the sole reason (besides Megan Fox’s cans on the season premiere) that I tune in. Just like Andy Samberg has done in recent years, this funnyman is going to create memorable characters to carry this show. Yeah, so he looks like Artie Lange and isn’t easy on the eyes, but his skits so far might be just the thing to save this great show. You are going to be hearing a lot of Moynihan in the coming years with two major movies coming out over the next year.  Take a look at some of his skits below and tune in to Saturday Night Live to check out more of Bobby Moynihan.

Mark Payne in a peppa tornado

As Vinnie’s Wine Loving Son

Whopper Virgins

Lenny finally gets the best of George

Looking sexy in a one piece: Single Ladies

The rest of the sketch is trash but his Guy Fieri is spot on

Bobby Moynihan in Colbie Calliet’s Falling for You